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Dependent Scholarship Application


     The member dependent scholarship awards scholarships of $1000.00 to deserving high school seniors and college undergraduates who are dependents of active Charlotte Chapter PCEA members in good standing.  The scholarship applications are sent to the scholarship chairperson who will blank out all names and convene with the scholarship committee to vote on recipient(s).   The number of scholarships given in a year depends on the amount of money in the Dependent Scholarship account which will always hold a balance of at least $1000.00. 



•1.     Legal dependents and grandchildren of Charlotte Chapter members in good standing.

•2.     College student in the current academic year or having college acceptance for admission.

•3.     Provide copies of current high school or college transcripts.

•4.     1 page essay about applicant including future plans and some of the applicant’s personal philosophy.

•5.     Completed application form.

•6.     Personal references from 3 unrelated individuals who will comment on the applicant’s character, motivation, potential, and ability.


Completed applications should be emailed to the address below by April 15th, 2017.  Download the form: MD Scholarship Application

Max Burke

Attn : Scholarship Committee Chairperson

PCEA - Charlotte Chapter No. 1

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